Emails being unintentionally resent by Outlook

IssuesLately, I developed a Python tool that automates sending emails through the Outlook client. After a while, I noticed that sometimes the same email is sent twice. I went through my code thoroughly but couldn’t identify any factors that could be causing this issue. After some debugging, I realized that the duplicated emails were always sent right after the moment Outlook was opened… SolutionI came across a post1 incidentally that

Quickly fix new Teams messages not showing up

IssuesI encountered some issues with new Teams: New messages do not show up Messages aren’t getting marked as read even when I open the chat I can’t send new messages These problems are specific to the new Teams; the (old) Teams works perfectly. I attempted to resolve the by reinstalling Teams and clearing cache from the ‘%appdata%\Microsoft\Teams’ directory, but it seems these methods only impact the old Teams and the issues persist in the new one.

How to host Hugo site from private repository

BackgroundUsually, in order to utilize GitHub Pages for free hosting my Hugo site, I have to make the repository public. However, this also implies that even my draft posts will become visible in the public site repository. That is definitely not the way I prefer to do this. SolutionAfter some searching, I found out that I can hide my draft posts and publish only the static site to the public repository by using GitHub Actions:

How to Create a Free Personal Blog Using Hugo and GitHub Pages

BackgroundI have had more spare time since I changed my job earlier this year. I have been contemplating ways to share my life and technology experiences while also enhancing my writing skills. Although Wordpress appears to be a quite popular platform for personal blogs, I’d rather not deal with ongoing expenses for servers or disruptions caused by irrelevant technical tasks like virtual machine and database configurations. That’s why using an open source Static Site Generator along with a free web hosting service seems like the ideal approach for me.